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The Miracle Of Salvation

The Miracle of Salvation

I (Gaster) was at church and felt sickly, unable to explain my feeling at that time. I felt like my spirit was convicting me to go and preach the gospel. I went and met my friend Vincent Mwesigwa and I asked him to accompany me but he had never gone preaching before. However, he accepted to move with me and we went on to preach. Immediately, I stopped feeling sick as I had felt before.

We thereafter came back; Vincent didn’t preach because he wasn’t familiar with it as he had never done it before. Since then, I started feeling fire for preaching and I couldn’t control it. So, we started moving every Sunday after service to preach. My friend Vincent used to fellowship from Full Gospel Church – Nyanama. He had his other friend Kalule Ronald who used to pray from Rhema Church Najjanankumbi whom he told about me (Gaster) from Glory to Glory church. He explained to him about how I (Gaster) took him to preach. He also went on and told him how we used to do this every Sunday.

Kalule picked interest and joined us (Gaster and Vincent) the following Sunday. The three of us started telling more of our friends about what we were doing. Whoever heard about this liked it, joined us and we became a bigger number doing door to door evangelism. We started with areas around our churches. Later on, we went on organizing and going for missions in far places.

First and foremost, we started with our home areas so that they get to know that we got saved. On 16th-21st October, 2009, we carried out our very first mission in two villages; Kinoni and Katabira in Mpigi district. From then, we do more than two missions to different areas every year.

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