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Amazing Facts You Should Know About Rwanda’s Volcano Park

Amazing facts You Should Know About Rwanda’s Volcano Park

Far in the northwest, the heart of central Africa lies Volcanoes national park Rwanda’s smallest, most popular, and Africa’s oldest national park where you shiver more than you sweat as described by Dian Fossey covering 160km protecting the steep slopes of the superb mountain ranges towering almost 15,000 feet of rainforest and encompasses of a chain of five of the eight dormant volcanoes in the Virunga mountains where it gets its name and they include, Muhabura, Sabyinyo, Bisoke, Karisimbi, and Gahinga. Great home to the vast population of the endangered Mountain gorillas, the unpredictable golden monkeys, black-fronted duiker, bushbucks, spotted hyenas, buffaloes, and a population between 1760-7040 animals, 175 verified bird species with 13 of the species being subspecies and endemic to the Virunga and Rwenzori Mountain making several tourist activities like bird watching, gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking, nature walk and hiking to the top very possible. There are several facts about Volcanoes national park but below are outstanding.

The amazing fact about Volcanoes national park is that the charming endangered mountain gorillas are found nowhere else in Rwanda but in the volcanoes national park. Rwanda is among the 3 gifted countries with Uganda and Congo where you can have an encounter which is considered to be a thrilling life experience with these large primates in their natural habitat and it’s only possible in the Volcanoes national park where the breathtaking gorilla trekking is the main tourist activity of the park. You can book a gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda with Mumwe Safaris – we book gorilla permits as well as offer you a suitable car for self drive or with a driver.

Another amazing fact about Volcanoes national park is that it is the only national park despite its size that encompasses a chain of five dormant out of the eight volcanoes making up the Virunga massif with mtn Karisimbi the highest rising at an altitude of 4507meters above sea level, Mtn Muhavura at the altitude of 4127 meters above sea level with a very stunning crater lake at the peak, mtn Bisoke with 2 crater lakes at the altitude of 3711 meters, mtn Sabyinyo the oldest of the range rising to an altitude of 3669 meters above sea level and mtn Gahinga the shortest with 3474 meters above sea level.

More amazing facts about Volcanoes national park are the stunning golden monkeys that are only found in 3 countries just like the mountain gorillas, Rwanda, Uganda, and Congo. These rare species which are only found in the bamboo in the Virunga of volcanoes national park were previously thought to be a subspecies of the blue monkeys but their golden-orange patch on the upper flanks and their nostrils face upwards while the rest face on the sides finds it controversial. These social primates require a trekking permit worth USD 100 to trek in Rwanda but their search is very rewarding since they live on the near slopes of the Virunga covered by bamboo which they feed on and shelter.

It’s no surprise that volcano climbing is among those facts about volcano national park as it comprehends 5 of the eight dormant volcanoes in Rwanda and the 4, mtn Karisimbi, Mtn Muhavura, mtn Bisoke, and mtn Gahinga are very friendly to the nature lovers as they possess an incredible outstanding beauty characterized by the lush forests, crater lakes, various vegetation zones, magnificent scenery and exclusive mountain life which includes wildlife like the golden monkeys, mountain gorillas, buffaloes and several bird species making the hike a life-changing experience, unlike mtn Sabyinyo which is considered dangerous for the hike because of its sharp ridges and vast craters.

Among the amazing facts about Volcanoes national park is the Ibyiwacu cultural village home to the ex-poachers of the large mountain gorillas who later realized that they could have a life outside poaching the innocent endangered large primates by making handcrafts, exhibiting talents, entertaining tourists with the different Kinyarwanda traditional dances and this chilly part of the safari can’t be found anywhere else but in Volcanoes national park.

The silent, peaceful spectacular 2km long underneath the earth’s surface Musanze caves located at the foothills of volcanoes national park are among the amazing facts about Volcanoes national park. They are believed to have been formed as a result of volcanic eruptions and they offer such a trilling serene with perfect spots for photos, the dark parts harbor myriad bats which let a light noise in fear at the sight of light, the well-designed stairs, walkways, and improved trails act as guideways to the tourists to the interior of the cave.

Volcanoes national park has satisfactorily many amazing facts but the above-mentioned are the must-know and we at Rwanda Car Rental Services organize both self-drive and guided Rwanda safaris to all your dream places to help you find your answers to the unanswered questions at very pocket-friendly prices. You can book a tour or rent a car online by simply emailing us at or calling us at +256 700135510 to get in touch with the reservation team.

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